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Het openSUSE Boostersteam


De openSUSE Boosters vormen een team mensen die ontwikkelaars van het project helpen van de grond te komen. Het bestaat uit 13 personen (tussenhaakjes: breed bekend als de dorstige dertien) met vaardigheden die reiken van laag niveau C hacker via het meester zijn over "Ruby on Rails" tot Grafisch ontwerp of projectbeheer. Het team pakt mijlpalen en werkt er op een slanke manier aan. Hun mantra is: Laat de gemeenschap groeien door ze in te schakelen


Als team communiceren we over een aantal kanalen. Meestal e-maillijsten, IRC, blogs en ons hulpmiddel voor projectbeheer.

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Project Management

The work of the openSUSE Boosters is organized in a project management tool called retrospectiva. It is deployed and reachable for everybody at The best part about this tool is that everybody, yes that means you, can simply follow what we do with it. To understand the internals and terminology of our project management, please read the openSUSE:Boosters retrospectiva guide.

Help us

Everybody is welcome and encouraged to participate in our efforts to complete our milestones. If you are interested in working on something you see in retrospectiva just create yourself a login and tell us so we can give you the right permissions. After that you can pick up stories and complete them.

Join us

If you want to go beyond that and become a Booster there are things you need to know and also a couple of things you are required to do. First of all you should be aware that our milestones can be tasks in every corner of this project. From organizing events to hacking on system level code. So you should bring an open mind and the will to learn new things. Another required skill is the ability to work in teams and attract contributors. No task in the Booster Team is a one man show and the milestones we pick up are things were other people/teams in this project already work on.

Team structure

We have one nominated position. Most of the time we work on more than one milestones and the group of people that work on one we call squad. Each squad has a squad leader that has the duty of being the point of contact for a milestone and to report about the milestone in our bi-weekly standup meeting. This position is nominated at the start of a milestone. The openSUSE Boosters also have 3 structural positions, a team leader and 2 project managers. The team leader coordinates the whole team and handles escalations, he's the benevolent dictator. At the moment this team leader is Klaas Freitag. The 2 project managers are his right and left hands. At the moment the project managers are Henne for community/social aspects and Coolo for distribution/technical parts. They are supposed to be on top of, and represent these viewpoints in the teams discussions and decisions.


Each individual Booster has also some duties. Most importantly every Booster needs to be a openSUSE Member and sign the Guiding Principles. All Boosters are required to participate in a bi-weekly meeting (A phone call, Mondays at 3PM CET/CEST) where every squad reports about what they did, what they plan to do and what is blocking them. On Monday every Booster needs to send a weekly work report to our mailinglist stating the same.

As you see we're taking this serious and the pace is pretty high. But who doesn't love challenges? Life ain't no pony farm! So if you want to become a Booster and work with us on destroying road-blocks for the openSUSE project please contact Klaas.


name freenode nick blog twitter email
default_profile_normal.png Egbert Eich egbert - - eich@
drageye_normal.png Klaas Freitag dragotin - dragotin freitag@
ja-again_normal.jpg Michal HruŇ°eck√Ĺ |miska| miska ImiskaI mhrusecky@
default_profile_normal.png Stephan Kulow coolo - - coolo@
9378e2715ae1fde98af28478d8e7ae39_normal.jpg Robert Lihm rlihm - - rlihm rlihm@
default_profile_normal.png LuboŇ° LuŇą√°k llunak - - l.lunak@
9d598a647ad0612592dd35eb5a1a8708_normal.jpg Pavol Rusnak prusnak stick84 stick84 prusnak@
imgp1895_normal.jpg Thomas Schmidt digitltom - digitaltom tom [at]
starquake_normal.png Will Stephenson wstephenson wstephenson wstephenson wstephenson@
henne_normal.png Henne Vogelsang henne - henne hvogel@
Vincent Vincent Untz vuntz - - vuntz@
cwh_neu_square_normal.jpg Christopher Hofmann cwh - - cwh cwh@

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