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openSUSE:Boosters backlog

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  • Facilitate exemplary communication
  • Enable people to do Bug Triage/Screening
  • Administration group for infrastructure inclusive non-novell employees
  • Communication teams for Forums, Wiki, etc
  • Keep mailinglists on topic
  • UAP - Upstream Attraction Program
  • Thank-you list for contributors on releases
  • openSUSE "Evenings" & "Brown Bags"
  • openSUSE at Universities
  • Improve promo/PR material
  • Formalize testing work, testcases
  • Push governance discussion
  • Get Packman people more involved


  • Change from iChain to openID
  • openTasks
  • Improve hermes and integrate
  • Add social collaboration tools to tools and distro
  • Add Trac or Redmine to OBS
  • Let people run parts of the infrastructure in self service mode such as mailing lists
  • improve web search capabilities
  • Bugzilla should contain Package Data
  • Improving download infrastructure
  • Integration of BS and SUSE Studio Marketplace
  • Improved google ranking
  • Get more 3rd party users and developers involved via visible OBS linkage (Fate #310109)


  • get teams to post regular updates on what is intended
  • Continue to improve devel projects
  • Publish Patches (in git branches)
  • let people submit maintenance updates
  • rethink/document/promote the Contrib repository policy
  • Development Appliances -> Documentation for Developers