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openSUSE:Artwork miscellaneous

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These are generic openSUSE posters that are non-version specific, although they could easily be made for a specific version by replacing the text at the bottom. These could be printed on posters or on regular A4 paper and used at conferences or just on the street to help promote openSUSE!


Expresses openSUSE's belief of freedom. SVG file.



Expresses openSUSE's belief of choice. SVG file.



Talks about openSUSE's helpful community. SVG file.



I modified the SUSE chameleon to look more friendly and made some SVG files out of it. Use it for your own buttons, wallpapers and other artwork. The files can be found at



Geeco03.png Geeco6.png
Geeco01.jpg Geeco02.jpg

illustration by Yuuichi


openSUSE Capable

Designed by Anubisg1

Capable11.png Capable11-2.png Capable11-3.png Capable11-4.png Capable.png Capable2.png Capable3.png

You can also find these stickers at KDE-LOOK

Wouldn't we all like to see this sticker...

Ontworpen/geschikt voor openSUSE

Designed for openSUSE computer sticker
Designed for opensuse.png

Designed for openSUSE & Powered by openSUSE Computer Case Stickers
2.55 x 3.47 cm. / 300 DPI / PNG
Designed by Emrah Raşa
Designed for openSUSE.pngDesigned for openSUSE gnome.pngDesigned for openSUSE gnome suse.pngDesigned for openSUSE suse.png
Designed for openSUSE kde.pngDesigned for openSUSE kde suse.pngPowered by openSUSE.pngPowered by openSUSE gnome.png
Powered by openSUSE gnome suse.pngPowered by openSUSE suse.pngPowered by openSUSE kde.pngPowered by openSUSE kde suse.png

Case Badge



OpenSuseShirtThumb.png T-Shirt-klein.png
Full Size T-Shirt (one), Full Size T-Shirt (two)

Car bumper stickers

OpenSUSE screen.png
Car Bumper Sticker

Geeko/lizzard afbeeldingen

Future.png Atwork.png