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Dit is een verzameling programma's voor medisch gebruik. Alle programma's in deze lijst zijn al onderdeel van de openSUSE distributie of beschikbaar in de buildservice.
Dit artikel is nog maar gedeeltelijk vertaald. Als u mee wilt helpen met vertalen lees dan Wiki vertalen naar het Nederlands.

Please use the Project or Package Name to add packages here. Create the Name as Link to the external Project homepage. Give a short summary after the name and then explain, why this package is useful in an medical environment. Add links to tutorials at the end of your list item. Since this is an all volunteer project there are items in the repositories that are not listed here please take some time to use and review them as well. This will help correct this problem.

If we are missing some application, feel free to add a link and a short introduction on the Wishlist.


Public Health and Biosurveillance

Electronic health or medical record

  • FreeMedForms (Freemedforms) - open source (c++/Qt4.5) highly dynamic EMR. FreeMedForms is released under the BSD license and is intended to be fully internationalized. KDE-Toepassing
  • GNUmed (GNUmed) - is a practice management and electronic medical records system. It allows keeping track of patient's medical history and current illnesses. It is developed by doctors from many countries and targeted at medical offices rather then hospitals. GNUmed is released under the GPL. Gnome-Toepassing

Medical Practice Management Software

  • FreeDiams (Freediams) - open source (c++/Qt4.5) prescriber and drugs interactions tester. FreeDiams is released under the BSD license and is intended to be fully internationalized but for now drugs database and interactions database are available in french, english and German. KDE-Toepassing

Health System Management


  • TEMPO (TEMPO) - stands for "Topographic Eeg Mapping PrOgram". It is an open source software for 3D visualization of brain electrical activity. TEMPO is released under the GPL.

Medical Information Systems

MPI - Master Patient Index

Standards Libraries

Older Libraries

Signal Processing


Data Translation

Mobile / Handheld Devices



Data (free data related to the healthcare industry)




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