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This project supports the use of openSUSE in doctor's practices and other clinical environments. We try to collect and update software. As base for packaging we use: List of Open Source Healthcare Software List. After we have packaged enough software we will try to create an openSUSE based Distribution out of it.

As part of the openSUSE project, we fully support the guiding principles and goals of the project as a whole. In addition we wish to:

Goals for the desktop

Similar projects are debian-med and the fedora medical special interest group. openSUSE Medical is also a part of the Medical Software Task Force.


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Please feel free to volunteer and place your name and your area of interest here!

saigkill Talk - Bijdragen Founder of the Project
wwarlock Talk - Bijdragen Wiki maintainer of the openSUSE-Medical project
Chackal_sjc Talk - Bijdragen Software Developer
putzel Talk - Bijdragen Software Developer, Packager
woodsjay Talk - Bijdragen Software Developer, packager Wanabe
thomas_berlin Talk - Bijdragen Becoming a packager
Sunbiz_3000 Talk - Bijdragen Software Developer, Packager
houri Talk - Bijdragen Software Developer, packager
csimon3 Talk - Bijdragen Software Developer, packager
freedomyug Talk - Bijdragen Package Maintaiener
diamond_gr Talk - Bijdragen Translator to Greek, Distro Tester

How to join

If you would like to join our Team, just talk to us.