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openSUSE is een open en globaal gemeenschapsproject. Het heeft vrijwilligers die bijdragen al over de gehele wereld. "openSUSE Members" zijn specifiek onderscheiden mensen die een voortdurende en substantiele bijdrage aan het openSUSE project. Zij worden goedgekeurd door het team openSUSE lidmaatschap-officials.
Dit artikel is nog maar gedeeltelijk vertaald. Als u mee wilt helpen met vertalen lees dan Wiki vertalen naar het Nederlands.

How to become a Member

To apply for an openSUSE membership, head over to, login, and then go to your profile page and select the "I want to Become a Member" link, and there mention your contributions (hint: register your nick first at freenode).

Waarschuwing: Please ensure to contribute first to the openSUSE Project then apply for membership.
Waarschuwing: Please list all your contributions in detail. Contributions that cannot be verified will not be taken into account.

Contributions taken into consideration will include -- but are not exclusive -- to:

  • Code and packaging
  • Wiki editing
  • Bug reporting and triaging
  • Translation
  • Continued user support on any communication medium
  • Giving openSUSE Talks/Presentation and/or promoting openSUSE
  • Help openSUSE as an Ambassador

Please ensure that you have also signed the Guiding principles in the User Directory.

Waarschuwing: If you repeatedly violate the Guiding principles, the Board will revoke your membership status.

Perks of membership

All openSUSE members will:

Membership can be canceled at any time with an email to

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