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Factory wordt gebouwd in zijn eigen project openSUSE:Factory op het openSUSE exemplaar van de Open Build Service. Zoals u kunt zien is het een zeer grote repository van pakketten. Ontwikkeling gebeurt echter niet direct in openSUSE:Factory maar in zogenaamde ontwikkelprojecten. Een ontwikkelproject is, zoals de naam suggereert, een project waar de ontwikkeling gebeurt voor een specifieke groep pakketten. Zoals multimedia, GNOME, KDE of Kernel. De relatie tussen pakketten in het openSUSE:Factory project tot pakketten in de ontwikkelprojecten wordt uitgedrukt in de metadata van de pakketten binnen openSUSE:Factory.

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Each devel project has its own set of processes, rules and communication channels that fits them best. The reference point for this information is the project description of their Build Service project. Devel projects are also subject to change because the world of FOSS software is constantly evolving. Certain software becomes obsolete, standards and defaults change. That means devel projects can change names, get dropped, be newly created, or change content and direction, as can packages in devel projects. The current devel projects feeding into factory can be found in the drop-down menu on top of this page.

Factory workflow.png

Governance Model

The huge Factory code stream is further broken down into devel projects. Devel projects are responsible for sets of packages like GNOME, multimedia or kernel. Bug fixes and new features have to be first committed to the devel project and from there will be forwarded to the main openSUSE Factory project. Because of this the governance of the Factory project is also further broken down.


Package Devel Project Factory
Maintainer & Bugowner Project Maintainer & Bugowner Release team


Most decisions are taken by the maintainer of the package. If the maintainer can't take a decision or if a conflict arises between maintainers the devel project maintainers decide together. If the devel project maintainers also don't come to a conclusion or a conflict between two devel projects arises the openSUSE release team takes the decision. If the decision can't be taken by the release team they appeal to the openSUSE Board which tries to facilitate the decision with all the involved people. If that also is not successful the board puts up the issue to a vote among the members.

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