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Dank voor uw interesse in het helpen om openSUSE te testen. Het zijn mensen zoals u die maken dat opensource software er kan zijn.

Testing and finding issues is a critical component to the delivery of any software, and this page aims to bring together the required resources in one place. Especially to help new testers, but also be a resource for more experienced testers to help them maintain testing of a high quality and consistency between releases.

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The openSUSE development cycle

In addition to the current stable release of openSUSE, there is a development version of openSUSE called Factory. On the openSUSE:Roadmap you will see development releases such as Milestones and Release Candidates, these releases are snapshots in the ever changing Factory.

  • Factory - More detail about the ever changing development tree.
  • Factory/News - News about changes in Factory - in fact mostly about changes between the release snapshots.

Testing is generally done on the latest Development release, with additional testing sometimes done using updates from Factory to verify bugfixes.

Bug reporting

One very important aspect of being a good tester is to be able to report the issues that you find, that is, to 'Submit a bug report'. They need to be as clear as possible, so that the developers can understand exactly what component has an issue and under what circumstances. Don't worry, there are a lot of ressources to help you learn how to write a good bug report.

Testing Mailinglist

If you need help/support in testing, if you have topics to discuss or if you are just interested in this area, join the mailinglist (see openSUSE:Mailing lists page how to subscribe).

openSUSE Testing Core team

The openSUSE Testing Core team is in charge of testing the openSUSE distro.

For the next scheduled team meeting refer to openSUSE:Testing meeting.

openSUSE 11.4 (Factory) testing

SyncML OBEX Client plugin allows many modern mobile phones to do a local synchronization, help to test on your model.

Help Update the HCL with information from your hardware.

Automation tools

  • GUI Automation tools
    • Linux Desktop Testing Project (LDTP in short)
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