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Het proces voor het screenen van openFATE wil openFATE zo efficiënt als mogelijk houden om de beste uitkomst voor onze distributie van openSUSE te verzekeren.

Dit artikel is nog maar gedeeltelijk vertaald. Als u mee wilt helpen met vertalen lees dan Wiki vertalen naar het Nederlands.

We're currently in the process of creating this team and are happy to attract more people to help here. Discussion will held at opensuse-project (at least for the beginning).

Mission statement

The openFATE screening team drives the evaluation and implementation of features for the openSUSE distribution.

The goals of screening are:

  • creating good features - that means working with the requesters on getting good proposals out
  • sorting them so that the teams can evaluate them
  • figuring out themes for the next release and proposing these topics
  • and then helping to market them so that they get implemented...

You may agree that our goal is not rejecting features, but helping realize as many good ideas and proposals as possible. However, even if a feature is very important and interesting, we can't implement it if there's no one who can and will do. So, IMHO, the most important role of our team is, finding out the right person - or at least, the person who know the right person - for each feature and let him know that there's a feature which should be evaluated by him. When someone is assigned to the feature, our task might be almost done.


  • Feature screening
    • Transition "Unconfirmed" -> "New"
      • Check that description looks complete
      • Remove duplicates
      • Mark done features
      • Add tags
    • Transition "New" to "Marketplace": Evaluation by dedicated experts:
      • does it make sense?
      • do we want this?
      • will it break anything?
  • Process documentation
  • Quality Assurance
    • find people implementing features (features in state "marketplace")
    • call for feature voting in a certain period to make clear which features are of high importance for the community
  • Feedback
    • find areas where openFATE should be improved
    • work together with openFATE developers (contact: featureadmin at

What's missing to make the screening team efficiently work?

The following proposes changes for openFATE to allow the screening team complete control of features in openFATE.

The following should be implemented for openFATE:

  • Add release notes: Transitioning to done, ask explicitly for release notes.
  • Transition "Marketplace" to "Implementation"
    • Button "I will do this"
    • user is added as developer
    • feature moves to Implementation
  • hermes notifications:
    • Way to inform screening team about new features, e.g. option to subscribe to new features in New with tag X

Usability/User Interface improvements

Additionally the following usability and user interface improvements should be done:

  • Improve adding of tags:
    • Currently adding "kernel driver" does not work, one has to use "kernel_driver"
  • Enlarging team of developers for "Implementation"
    • Button "I will work on this as well"
    • user is added as developer
    • Note: This is basically done but could use some UI improvements
  • Add usecase, test case: Make this nicer with a short info above the box on what a use case/test case is.

Bi-weekly openFATE screening team meeting

Feel free to join our a bi-weekly team meeting in in IRC: Freenode channel #opensuse-project normally at 14:00 UTC and is scheduled for 1 hour.

Monday, December 20th, 2010, will be "openFATE day" with cleaning up of FATE as a team effort.

Agenda for the next meeting

Please add topics:

  1. ...

Previous meetings


Note the following participants volunteered in the past, if you're in the list and are still interested, please move your name up: