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De Bestanden, Print, en Authenticatie Server

Download voor openSUSE:

Ontwikkelaar: Samba Team
Licentie: GPL

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Samba is an Open Source/Free Software suite that has, since 1992, provided file, print, and authentication services to all manner of SMB/CIFS clients, including the numerous versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Samba is freely available under the GNU General Public License.

Samba RPM Packages for SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE

Current release

RPM packages of the current Samba release for all SUSE Linux based products are provided with the help of the openSUSE Build Service (OBS).

openSUSE Build Service

The packages are available from the openSUSE Build Service at

The STABLE and TESTING projects provide packages for a huge set of Linux distributions (CentOS, Fedora, Mandriva, Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE)).

In MAINTAINED packages for longer maintained products (SLE) are available.

In the majority of use cases it's required to lower the priority of a newly added repository. The default value is 99 and therefore Samba packages which might be available from the general openSUSE update repository are preferred due to a default priority of 20. The priority value is modifiable from inside the YaST software repositories module or by editing the priority= line in the repo file.

Repository definitions

The locations

Easy to use repository (repo) definitions are available as to download- and installable package named samba-repo-network_samba_STABLE or samba-repo-network_samba_TESTING from the particular <product-version>/noarch/ sub directory at

or from inside the <product-version>/noarch/ sub directory at

and in the same way from all mirrors:

These packages allow you to add the particular directory for your SUSE product as an installation source (repository aka repo) of YaST, yum, or smart.

How to use them

The location with the repository definitions provide a package which includes a ready to use repository definition (repo file). The repo file is pointing to one of the STABLE or TESTING repository as maintained with the openSUSE Build Service.

Download and install (zypper in <filename>) one of these packages.

Next open YaST -> Software -> Online Update or call

  zypper -r network_samba_STABLE dup

on the command line. In the shown example only packages from the repo named network_samba_STABLE get installed.

Supported products

Supported SUSE Linux based products are at the moment openSUSE 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, and Factory (currently developed produc), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLE) 9, 10, and 11.

Pre or rc releases

Before a new stable version of Samba is released pre and release candidate (rc) snapshots of the sources are published. RPM packages of these are available from the TESTING repositories as stated above.

Samba bug reporting and advanced debugging information

If you encounter any problems with Samba in SUSE Linux products please check openSUSE:Bugreport_Samba.

Samba versions in SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE products

This table shows which Samba versions are available for different SUSE products. More recent versions are available from the Build Service. Versions from products which are no longer updated can be found here.

See also

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