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De derde editie van Leap van de 42 seriee brengt de gemeneschap een versie meer in lijn met zijn gedeelde kern van SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) 12 Service Pack 3. Gebruikers worden geadviseerd om voordeel te putten uit de naadloze opwaardering naar Leap 42.3. Leap 42.2 bereikt zijn einde voor onderhoud in zes maanden.

De uitgave van Leap 42.3 biedt zij die zich aanpassen een betrouwbaar serverbesturingssysteem voor gebruik van IT-services in fysieke, virtuele of cloud-onmgevingen.

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Leap 42.3 continues to use KDE’s Long-Term-Support release 5.8 as the default desktop selection while also offering GNOME 3.20, the same as used by SUSE Linux Enterprise. A variety of additional desktops is available in the installer through the newly designed desktop selection.

This release of openSUSE Leap is well suited for servers thanks to its server installation profile and its fully-featured text mode installer, including all the options of YaST without a graphical environment.

The stability and shared core of openSUSE Leap 42.3 provides a high quality and well tested Linux distribution for system administrators, developers and desktop users.

Leap, and the openSUSE project, provides the DevOps tool chain developers need to be successful. Microservices with Leap offer scalability and continuous delivery through the availability of Docker and Kubernetes as well as easy configuration with Salt, Ansible, and other openSUSE technologies. AutoYaST's new integration with SaltStack and other configuration management systems can take care of the system installation (partitioning, network setup, etc.) and then delegate the system configuration to one of those widely used external tools.

Developers, and businesses can take advantage of extensive core libraries found in Leap 42.3 to build or enhance software for enterprise use. Since Leap and SLE share a common core, development with packages on Leap for use in production on SLE has never been easier. Furthermore, system intergraters can develop on Leap with the possibility of getting their work into future SLE releases.

See for yourself why openSUSE Leap is a community-enterprise distribution worth adopting. Downloads of openSUSE Leap 42.3 can be found at Users currently running openSUSE Leap 42.2 can upgrade to openSUSE Leap 42.3 via the upgrade instructions. Download Leap 42.3 from It's recommended to read the Release Notes before installing.