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These are the official openSUSE repositories. Well tested packages, security and bugfixes are provided. Online ones are convenient to use if you have good bandwidth. For information on how to add them, see Add package repositories.

On disks official repositories

The first repositories that you may have seen are the DVDs. You can have several sorts of such repositories, with different contents. None of them, including the huge two layer DVD of the boxed version, includes all the openSUSE packages, so you will also need the online repositories if possible.

  • The downloadable DVD is one single layer 4.7 GB DVD. It hosts the most important packages, but this makes only a very small subset of the whole openSUSE.
  • The boxed DVD consist of a double layer DVD and is available from your dealer for a fee that includes installation support. But even this double DVD doesn't hold all the openSUSE packages.

Using online repositories

  • For YaST, there is no difference between online (internet) and on disk (DVD or hard drive) repositories, all the packages are seen as if they are on a very big drive.
  • If you keep your computer always connected via a broadband connection, you can remove the "repository" OSS DVD if you install the standard online repository below.
  • If you have enough disk space, you can also download a repository snapshot, but be advised that this can take up to 20Gb or even more.

Official repositories

These are official repositories, supported by openSUSE.

Note: You may have added these during installation, if so adding them again will be a bad idea.


The main repository, open source software only.


Non free (as in freedom) software, such as Flashplayer, Java, Opera, IPW-firmware, RealPlayer etc.


Repository for official security and bugfix updates.


Source RPMs. Advanced users only.


Source RPMs. Advanced users only.


Debuginfo packages. Advanced users only.

Semi official repositories

These are repositories available which are not officially supported by openSUSE, but they contain useful packages which you should feel free to use at your own risk.


Contrib is the universal openSUSE repository for third-party packages.


See KDE repositories.


See GNOME repositories.


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