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openSUSE:KDE Jargon File

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Like any other team we have evolved our own jargon:



  • KDE SC: KDE Software Compilation
  • KDEPIM: KDE Personal Information Management (Kontact, KMail, KOrganizer etc.)
  • KDF: KDE:Distro:Factory installatiebron
  • KDS: KDE:Distro:Stable Build Service installatiebron
  • KR45: KDE:Release:45 installatiebron
  • KR46: KDE:Release:46 installatiebron
  • KUA: KDE:UpdatedApps installatiebron
  • KUP: KDE:Unstable:Playground installatiebron
  • KUSC: KDE:Unstable:SC installatiebron


  • PIM: See "KDEPIM"
  • PNM: Plasmoid-networkmanagement